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I offer clinical supervision and consultation to mental health providers wanting to actionize anti-oppressive, culturally responsive, collaborative, trauma-informed therapy practices.




Next supervision group TBD: Email me to get on the waitlist.

For Ontario CRPO-qualifying psychotherapists only. 


I provide external supervision (evaluative) to qualifying psychotherapists in Ontario who need to meet their supervision requirements for regular membership with the CRPO.

I provide consultation (non-evaluative) for mental health providers of any designation who are looking to learn and grow as therapists and hold themselves accountable in their work. I regularly seek consultation and I plan to do so until I retire because I think the personal and professional learning in this unique and sacred work that we do never ends.

Supervision and consultation sessions with me focus on things like:

  • Development of your own therapy style and competence

  • Skill development

  • The impact of the client-therapist relationship on the client and therapist

  • Case conceptualization and treatment planning

  • Evaluation of you as a therapist (including supervisor attestation documentation)

  • Review of client interactions

  • Review of therapy sessions

  • Review of your clinical note-taking process

  • How to hold emotional space to prevent burn out

  • Self-care, community care, support and guidance

  • How to create a sustainable practice most aligned with your life, abilities, constraints and capacity levels

  • Business and administrative considerations/issues/support/guidance

  • Social media and marketing your private practice

  • and more


We will discuss in our first session what you're hoping to get from supervision and how I can most effectively support you so that we can set up a process for evaluation. The evaluation process is collaborative and is based on your learning goals that we discuss and agree upon beforehand.

Individual and group supervision and consultation sessions are done over Zoom. Individual sessions are $150 (includes HST) per session payable before each session and group sessions are $70 (includes HST) per session payable before each session.


I approach supervision from a practice-based, trauma-informed framework and I politicize my practice by doing this work from an anti-colonial, liberation focused lens which de-centers eurocentric and pathologizing views of psychology and human distress. You get to see this in practice in the ways I will work with you.


My supervision and consultation practice includes a critical and nuanced approach to ethical issues based on the understanding that all mental health "ethics codes are ethnocentric [specifically eurowestern] representations of the mental health professions' views of normalcy. The arrogance and self-serving nature of our ethnocentric ethics representations undoubtedly offend many clients and exacerbate the risk of complaints against therapists. Our delusion of knowing it all, which privileges professional knowledge over all other kinds, conveys the message that no one else has anything worth offering." -- Excerpt from this book by Helen Coale.

You can expect my support and guidance in developing your own preferred approach for responding to ethically complex issues.

I offer a non-directive space-holding for clinicians to process traumatic experiences and work through practice challenges.

Please contact me for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss what kind of supervision or consultation you are looking for so that we can get a sense of eachother and decide if it makes sense to work together. I look forward to connecting!

I do not have any practicum internship opportunities at this time.

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