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60-minute individual video therapy session is $180

90-minute individual video therapy session is $230

Rates include HST.


My standard rate will increase to $220 ($260 for 90 minutes) when I become more experienced with the Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) modality that I'm in the beginning stages of learning and practicing.


Anti-oppressive, trauma-informed care practice includes financial accessibility and accommodation. I therefore offer reduced rates on a sliding scale to folks who need it and as I am able to.

I have limited spots available at a reduced rate. I don't use a one-size-fits-all approach to pricing because everyone has different financial circumstances, self included.

If you need financial accommodation, let me know and we will decide the rate together based on your current financial situation and what price points I have available at the time, and we re-evaluate the rate when financial circumstances change for you or me.

Therapy cannot work without honesty. This includes the financial part of therapy. I trust my clients to use the honor system and pay the $180 therapy rate when you are able, and to ask for a reduced rate when you are not able.

More on sliding scales here.

A portion of the therapy rate you pay goes to:

1) Direct Aid to front-line community based and autonomous groups, organizers and individuals rather than non-profit organizations and charities for reasons explained here, here and here.

Priority direct aid goes to Indigenous individuals and collectives in different parts of Turtle Island because we are occupying their land, and the remainder goes to other marginalized individuals and collectives occupying Turtle Island; and

2) Community Mental Health Fund which helps the community of folks I work with (including you if you become a client), access extra, needed mental health resources & supports.

Some things the Community Mental Health Fund has directly funded:

Art supplies

Food delivery

The Pleasure Course

Subsidized therapy sessions


I require payment by e-transfer before the start of each session. I provide a receipt within 24 hours of service.


If you have extended healthcare insurance coverage, you can submit the receipt as an insurance claim and your health plan provider will reimburse you directly.

Extended healthcare insurance coverage ranges from plan to plan, so be sure to check that your insurance covers the Registered Psychotherapist designation or psychotherapy services.

You may also want to ask your insurance provider how much mental health services you are covered for each year so you can budget for your therapy as needed.


I recognize that even with sliding scales and reduced rates, psychotherapy remains financially inaccessible for many folks.

I want to offer more creative and sustainable ways for folks to access some of the transformative tools and experiences that therapy provides. Please check back here for updates.

The different kinds of mental healthcare offerings I'm imagining is a project with many moving parts that will take some time to flesh out. I appreciate your patience and I'm excited to see where this endeavour will take us.

For immediate mental health resources including low-cost therapy options, see my Resources page. 

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