A Love Letter to my Clients:

Life is unpredictable. So I want to let you know how I feel about you.

When I sit and think about you, my mind glides from one client to another to the next and my heart swells until it can no longer contain all the Love and Care it holds and my eyes tear up.

I continually learn so damn much from each and every one of you, past and present. How lucky I am to get to be your therapist for however long you need(ed).

It's hard to put into words all that I feel about the sacred relationship I have with you. I want to choose my words with the thought and care they and you deserve. And I want my words to be as clear and coherent as possible, so I will come back to this to add more.

One thing I feel is protective of you. So among the things I want to share here, and in the event I am suddenly unable to continue seeing you, I want to leave you the names of some therapists who I hold in high regard, and who I trust will give good Care to my clients should you decide to seek a new therapist (they all offer free consults).

Benita Joy is an excellent therapist, a dear friend who I have much love and respect for, personally and professionally.  She is also my Health Information Custodian successor. This means she will be taking custody of my client records in the event I am suddenly unable to practice.  *Note: Benita is away on maternity leave until approximately late May 2021. 

Bonnie Miller is an awesome narrative therapist I trained under and who I see for case consultation and mentorship. I learn a lot about being human from and with Bonnie. She asks very thought-provoking questions and beautifully embodies realness, kindness, compassion, humour, humility, non-judgment, anti-oppression, curiosity, negotiation and collaboration.

Farzaneh Amin is a most wonderful therapist who specializes in group therapy. There is a remarkable kind of power and transformation in group therapy that just can't be accessed in individual therapy. A safe, attuned, response-able facilitator is critical for this kind of experience. I could not recommend a more power-full person for such a power-full role. I'm very grateful that I know and can refer to my clients the deeply insightful, compassionate, kind, attentive, attuned and intuitive therapist that Farzaneh is. You can reach Farzaneh by email here.

More folks will be added soon.

In Peace, Power and Love


p.s. I realize this letter can come across as concerning to some folks, so rest assured, nothing is wrong, and I am not planning to stop my therapy practice any time soon. This message and info is something I've been thinking about and wanting to do for some time because Life really is unpredictable and if I am suddenly unable to see you, I don't want to keep people hanging or wondering in whatever way, including how and where to get your records. I just didn't know how to put this info out there until now, and which will likely evolve over time because I have so much to say about the impact my clients have on me and all that I learn from you and what this work teaches me. Thank you so much for the huge honour and privilege of letting me into the most personal parts of your life and allowing me to witness the beauty, magic and POWER that is You.