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If you're feeling triggered or anxious:

1) Place your hand over your heart

2) Close your eyes (only if this feels okay and safe)

3) Notice the feeling of your feet connecting with the earth

4) Take 5 deep, slow belly breaths

5) Say "I am safe in my body right now" in your mind

To power-down if hyper-aroused (urge to fight or flight):

  • Do some physical movement that is not threatening or damaging

  • Do a soothing chore or activity like dishes, sweeping, tending to plants

  • Walk/dance/stretch/jump/exaggerate facial expressions in the mirror

  • Breathe deeply and slowly

  • Put on a low energy, calming show

  • Listen to Nature soundscapes on YouTube or apps


To power-up if hypo-aroused (urge to hide or play dead):
  • Sit up, not slump

  • Kick legs, swing arms, get blood flowing

  • Run on the spot

  • Push against a wall

  • Stretch, wiggle, dance

  • Exhale with energy

  • Whatever active motions your body is able to safely do


5 Senses Exercise:

Stop and identify 5 things you can see; 4 things you can feel; 3 things you can hear; 2 things you can smell; 1 thing you can taste


Free flowing body movement - check out the body movement videos shared by Yvette Lalonde on IG and modify your movements to your own body's capacity and ability

Guided Relaxation by Kali Munro - 5:48 minute audio clip

Grounded Meditation by Kali Munro - 16:40 minute audio clip


Play your favorite music or play video games or anti-stress apps or any preferred mental health app such as Calm


"Between Sessions: Healing From Home" - 50 strategies to help regulate the nervous system - webinar by therapist Summer Forlenza ($97, lifetime access) - not an endorsement and I don't benefit financially or otherwise by suggesting this resource


More to come

The more that we experience co-regulation the better we get at self-regulation, with therapy being one on-purpose space to experience this. The purpose of this page is to provide tools and resources to help self-regulate and manage distress. I do not list organizations or people looking to sell products or services from a profit motivation and I do not get any financial or other kind of personal gain from sharing the paid resources listed here. If you know of some helpful resources that you think should go on this list, please email me at

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