To power-down if hyper-aroused (urge to fight or flight):

  • Do some physical movement that is not threatening or damaging

  • Do a soothing chore or activity like dishes, sweeping, tending to plants

  • Walk/dance/stretch/jump/exaggerate facial expressions in the mirror

  • Breathe deeply and slowly

  • Put on a low energy, calming show

  • Listen to Nature soundscapes on YouTube or apps


To power-up if hypo-aroused (urge to hide or play dead):
  • Sit up, not slump

  • Kick legs, swing arms, get blood flowing

  • Run on the spot

  • Push against a wall

  • Stretch, wiggle, dance

  • Exhale with energy

  • Whatever active motions your body is able to safely do


5 Senses:

Stop and identify 5 things you can see; 4 things you can feel; 3 things you can hear; 2 things you can smell; 1 thing you can taste

Free flowing body movement - check out the body movement videos shared by Yvette Lalonde on IG and modify your movements to your own body's capacity and ability

Guided Relaxation by Kali Munro - 5:48 minute audio clip

Grounded Meditation by Kali Munro - 16:40 minute audio clip


Play a video game or anti-stress app or any preferred mental health app such as Calm


"Between Sessions: Healing From Home" - 50 strategies to help regulate the nervous system - webinar by therapist Summer Forlenza ($97, lifetime access)


More to come